Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beauty Tip 1

How Do I Choose The Right Foundation?
Foundations come in many different forms and provide many different finishes. Choosing the correct one can make your whole look, so read this carefully. Liquid foundations offer the lightest sheer coverage, and provide a natural look. There available in water based and oil-based formulas, so it's easy for anyone, regardles of skin type, to find the right one. Cream foundations. usually found in compacts and sticks, give the fullest coverage and the most flawless of finishes. Cream-to-Powder formulas, on the other hand, allow you to exsperience the best of both worlds, with the look of cream and the silky finish of a powder. Since all cream formulas contain some level of oil, if you have oily skin these might not be for you. Remember, selecting the right foundation is trial and error, so dont think that if it's not right the first time it'll never work.

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