Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beauty Tip 2

I want to try false eyelashes but I dont know where to begin?

Working with false lashes takes time, patience and practice, so make sure you have plenty of all three. Equip yourself with the necessary supplies: lashes, clear or black glue, cuticle scissors, and tweezers. Find natural-looking lashes that complete your own (only use heavy lashes when you are performing onstage or you will be photographed.) Measure the lash against your own, and cut off any excess with the cuticle scissors. Next apply the glue to the lashline of the lashes, and allow it to dry slightly, enough for it to adhere easily without sliding. Hold one end of the lash with your fingertips and the other end with your tweezers, and place it directly on top of your own lash; then push it into that very fine space where the lash grows out. If you need a closer look use your magnifiying mirror.

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